How to Pay for Bulk SMS

We have four methods of payment for bulk SMS. Which are:

1. Bank Deposit

To get more SMS units by bank deposit, please pay into any of the accounts below. Please remember to always use your Username as the Depositor's Name on the Deposit Teller


Account Name: KoolGee Global Resources

Account Number: 2084661263



Account Name: KoolGee Global Resources


Account Number: 5600401168


You Can Call 08032337034 for our other Bank details

After payment, kindly text the depositor's name (your username), Teller number, and amount paid to 08032337034, we will credit your account as soon as we confirm your payment.

2. Online Payment

Save yourself time and stress of the banking hall & Pay for your SMS online using our Online Payment system and get credited INSTANTLY.

To buy SMS online, please follow the steps below.

1. Login to your account or REGISTER if you are a new user.

2. Click on Buy SMS.

3. Enter quantity of SMS you want to buy.

4. Click Buy SMS.

5. You will be redirected to VoguePay website. Note: VoguePay is the payment processor. It is secure and safe.

6. Select Interswitch as the payment type. Note: Write down your Transaction ID.

7. Click on proceed.

8. Enter your email address in the field provided (below Transaction ID)

9. Click Make payment.

10. Select your Card Type, either Interswitch, Verve or Master Card

11. Enter your 16-digit card number (this is the number at the front side of your ATM CARD above your name)

12. Select your ATM card expiry date e.g. Feb 2014

13. Enter your 4-digit PIN using the on-screen keyboard by clicking on the numbers.

14. Enter your 3-digit Card Verification Value (CVV2) Number (It is behind your ATM CARD beside the space for signature)

15. Click Pay.

16. You will be shown the status of your transaction and automatically credited with SMS unit.


3 Mobile Banking

You can make payment for your SMS through Etranzact Mobile banking System. This can be done if you are subscribed to the service i.e. using your Banker’s mobile application.

Then, select "Fund Transfer". After that, select "Bank Accounts". Enter the information below accordingly.

Select Beneficiary Bank: UBA

Enter Beneficiary's Account Number: 2084661263

Enter Beneficiary's Mobile for SMS Alert: 08032337034

Enter Amount: Amount of SMS Units you plan to buy

Select Card to Use: This is often "Default"

Select Account Type: This is often "Savings"

Enter PIN: Then Enter your PIN

Once your transaction is successful, send an SMS to 08032337034 containing the following.

  •        Your Username
  •         Amount Transferred
  •         Mode of Payment: Etranzact Mobile Banking
  •         Phone Number Used for the Transaction

Your account will be credited with SMS units once payment is confirmed.


4. Internet Banking

Pay for your SMS using any of these Bank-Specific Internet Banking methods and have your account credited with SMS units.

Please contact the concerned banks for details on how to use any of these online payment systems.

Make the payment payable to the account details below.

Banker: UBA

Account Name: KoolGee Global Resources

Account Number: 2084661263



Account Name: KoolGee Global Resources


Account Number: 5600401168


After successful transactions, send the following by SMS to 08032337034

  •          Your Username
  •          Amount Transferred
  •          The Account Name where the money was transferred
  •          Mode of Payment: Internet Banking

Your SMS account will be credited once your payment is confirmed.

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