Anti-Spam Policy

In order to curtail criminal and fraudulent activities, NCC and various network operators have banned some sender IDs and some KEYWORDS. We urge our esteemed customers to avoid these sender ID and Keywords:

million, lottery, gbp, pounds, dollars, euros, euro, money, won, you won, win now, winning number, win, winner, winning, survey, surveys, scratch and win, million dollars, prize, n2million, mtn, glo, airtel, etisalat, 180, MTN-NG, Interpol, Interp0l,1nterp0l, GLO, BI, CIA, EFCC, MTN, 180, AIRTEL, NOKIA, UBA, DIAMOND, Zenith, NNPC, CBN, REF:NK015, N0K1AUK, FIRSTBANK, BOA, Access, police alert, promo win, pr0m0 win, pr0mo w1n, prom0 win, promo won call, Congrats, congratulations promo won call, promo won call, promo won call, pr0mo w0n call, promo won call, hurray w0n call, hurray won call, won prize call, w0n prize call, pr0m0 prize call, prom0 prize call, pr0mo prize call, won, winner, Credit Alert, Bank, media, social, wem,a, pvc, Criminal, NIM, call, M1cr0s0ft, Microsoft, wada, W0RiDR3M1T, WORLDREMIT, lcred, lcredit, Soldier, INEC, Grant, NIN, WAEC, POP, Acc, Police, fbn, atm, caces, Promo, Glo, account, win, won, whatzapp, congress, election, freedom, gtb, instagram, osinbajo, passport, tinubu, twitter, whatsapp, information, frozen, firstbank, bvn, V0te,Vote,v0te, winner, karadua,state, Billstonic, NIGERIA,CUSTOM,SERVICE, CONGRATULATE, CBN, Zenith,Bank,ATM, ATM,card, First,Bank, First,Alert, OSGF, VOTE, APC, A.P.C., A.P.C, atiku, buhari, apc, pdp, facebook, google, code, passcode, combatant, mmm, sexy, diamond, l0tt0, fidelity, million, arik,airways, 7058627317, Goodluck,Jonathan, federalGovernment, central,Bank, NCS, N.C.S., subscription, NSCDC, cornerstone, hot,babes, congrats, Gl0, promo, sexual, wow, MTN, M.T.N, yell0w, Yhello, 50M, 20M, 1.5M, Congratulation, NIGERIAN,CUSTOM,SERVICE and other spam words not listed above.

Using any or combination of above keywords and sender ID would result in blocking such SMS by NCC and units would be deducted without refund. Please avoid them by all means.

Thanks for your continuous patronage!

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